How to connect Android Mobile Phone to PC for internet

How to connect Android Mobile Phone to PC for internet, Modem Driver, USB Tethering, Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot, Windows Xp, Windows 7.

How to connect Android Mobile to PC for internet

For Connect Android phone to PC OR Laptop, Perform 2 steps to follow.
1. Mobile Settings
2. Desktop computer OR laptop Settings.


1. Mobile Settings

Before Start Configuration, Note that "Data" Option should be Enable in Android Phone. To Enable "Data",    Go to settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks –> Data Enable, Check this box (Check Data Roaming in case of Roaming).
For Dual Sim Mobile Phones Select Sim1 OR Sim2  for Data Connection.

There are 2 Methods for connect Android Phones to PC OR Laptop for internet.

1.1 USB tethering
1.2 Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot


1.1 USB tethering

Plug in USB Cable from Your Desktop Computer/Laptop to Android Phone.
In Android phone go to settings -> Wireless & Networks ->Tethering & portable hotspot and tap it.
Now Check "USB Tethering".

Now You will be able to use the data connection from the phone on your PC/Laptop.


1.2 Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

Configure Wi-Fi Hotspot in Android Phone. For That go to settings -> Wireless & Networks ->Tethering & portable hotspot -> Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings -> Configure Wi-Fi hotspot.
Network SSID – priceandspecification
Security – WPA2 PSK
Password – 87654321 or you can set any 8 digit number.
Save it.

In Android phone go to settings -> Wireless & Networks ->Tethering & portable hotspot and tap it.
Check "Portable Wi-Fi hotspot"

Now You will be able to use the data connection from the phone on your (Wi-Fi enabled Devices) PC/Laptop.


2. Desktop computer OR laptop Settings.

2.1 how to connect Android Phone to PC for internet – Windows XP
2.2 how to connect Android Phone to PC for internet – Windows 7

2.1 how to connect Android Phone to PC for internet – Windows XP

Follow the steps 1.1 For connect Android Phone to PC for internet Via USB.
Follow the steps 1.2 For connect Android Phone to PC for internet Via Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Click Here to Download Android Mobile Modem Driver / USB Tethering Drivers / RNDIS driver download for Windows XP.
It will Give you an error message “You can also try to download the original document by  clicking here”.  OR “The file exceeds the maximum size that we scan. Download anyway” You have to Click that link to download Zip File.

Password for File :  contains 4 Files.

File 1. Install Hot Fix Windows Xp(WindowsXP-KB959765-x86-ENU).
File 2. In case of Path not found for R NDIS in Windows Xp, Browse this folder for Modem driver installation.
File 3. Tethering file for windows Xp. Right Click on it and click on Install.
File 4. Select O.S. 32 bit or 64 bit, Browse path and install drivers.

2.2 how to connect Android Phone to PC for internet – Windows 7

Follow the steps 1.1 For connect Android Phone to PC for internet Via USB.
Follow the steps 1.2 For connect Android Phone to PC for internet Via Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot.

In Windows 7 R NDIS driver are automatically installed on connect android mobile to PC via USB, In case of Driver not Installed Properly, Download And Use File 4.



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    pls let me know how do i see live tv.


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    • Admin says:

      Password is

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        Kindly reply to me in the provided e-mail.

        • Admin says:

          use that in case of driver not install properly.

          • ashutosh says:

            My device status: “The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)”
            Folder “4 RNDIS 32 bit” contains 9 files but no set-up file. Path to any of these file is not working to instal the driver for the phone! Any help?

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    i updated my friends galaxy s2.he hadn’t updated since last 1 year and so 3 updates were given. the 1st two worked fine but after the third rebooting, the phone did not start again.on consulting we were told that, software was corrupted and it was tob reloaded.
    what i wamt to ask is why did this happen?can i claim someone for the damage, as the update was from the company soiftware itself?

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    Great Thanks to your Guidance. Now I got Internet connectivity from my Micromax A110 to PC(Windows-SP2). After tried many solution from others, Yours is perfectly works nice at first attempt

    Thanks….Thanks lot.

    If any body having Micromax A110

    1.First install the File#1 (from “connect_Android.ZIP” file)
    2.second install the 3rd File
    3.Next connect the Android device to your PC and enable USB Tethering from your Mobile.
    4. Now in the Add/Remove Hardware wizard browse and select the 4th File.
    That’s it.You would got it.

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      Dear Rajesh,

      Please go through the steps which has given in the (above) if you use Windows 7 then go to Wireless Network in Handset and select the “Tethering & Portable Hotspot” then select the “portable wi-fi hotspot”. then turn on the wi-fi in the Laptop. and connect the wifi from the bottom menu bar some times it ask for a “Network Security Key” then you go to the handset and “wireless network – “tethering & Port Hotspot – configure wi-fi – and it has given password if you not able to see the password then the hand set may given the option for show password select it and the same password you give in the Laptop it connects.

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